So here is the first blog of my new/updated website and blog page. This blog will be focusing on me as a writer and content creator within the world of SMSC. One of the first questions I am asked is what is SMSC? SMSC stands for Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural development in education.

There is an expectation that all maintained schools in the UK include SMSC as part of their provision and independent schools have an expectation to include it too, though possibly using another name. The blogs I will write will focus on SMSC in education yet have a contemporary or relevant perspective for us all. I will include questions for you to think about with your students, or at home, or within the workplace.


The book I have written is available now as a full version and an abridged version.


SMSC is useful for us all, children, teachers, parents, citizens as it helps to develop empathy, deepen spirituality, connect people with communities and develop core values. Within a school setting it creates opportunities for pupils to learn and practice human virtues and values such as compassion, hope, faith, and forgiveness. These are all traits needed today more than ever as we are united by a global pandemic.


I want to stress that this book is for you, it’s not really mine. I have written it to support you as a teacher, leader, and someone with a vested interest in providing outstanding SMSC in your setting. ‘The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education’ is your ultimate guide to give you the current context of Ofsted, the relationship between SMSC and Religious Studies, understanding of each tenat of Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural development, SMSC within the curriculum, and the over-arching benefits of SMSC. This is the only book you will find and need to ensure you have a complete understanding of this mandatory inspection area and have the confidence to create and develop opportunities for SMSC provision for all.


“The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education” will supplement my next book which is a practical guide to incorporating meaningful and effective SMSC into your school ethos, classroom, and whole school community and will be available later this year.


Moving forward I intend to bring the valuable work of SMSC into family life to help strengthen relationships and encourage members to learn more about each other, themselves, and the world around them. I am also eager to explore the opportunities where SMSC can be brought into the corporate world recognising the need to strengthen relationships in the “global village” we now live in – this area of Global Collaboration is vital.


My mantra is


Collaboration ~ Love ~ Community


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