“Outstanding SMSC leader Programme”

Are you and your school………..



planning and preparing meaningful and valuable SMSC resources?


a newly appointed SMSC lead or ready to appoint someone in your school?


a school governor who has particular responsibility for Personal Development?


wondering how to integrate SMSC into your already existing curriculum?


aware that you need to get an SMSC policy in place to give focus and consistency?

Have you ever wondered how  some other schools achieve Personal Development/SMSC outstanding


It is because they have integrated their school ethos, education philosophy and have understood the inspection requirements prior to looking at the four strands of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural.


They know how to write an SMSC policy that works for their staff, students, school ethos and inspectors.


They know how to integrate meaningful SMSC into their school curriculum without losing curriculum time


They know the benefits of SMSC for the mental-health and well-being of their students.

This isn’t a training course that you will download and have sat gathering dust on your virtual shelf. This practical course, will become your daily go-to guide in achieving outstanding SMSC provision in your setting.

This is a course for leaders or teachers with responsibility for PD/SMSC in their school setting.


What is it? What is the purpose or vision of SMSC? What is your purpose, vision?  What you can achieve in your school? Intent, Implementation, Impact,  Education Philosophy


Focus on Moral development of pupils. Examples in schools, how do we develop morality? Why should we develop morality? Mental health implications. Examples in Curriculum


Focus on Cultural development of pupils. The importance of cultural development using tolerance and respect and understanding of others.  Cross curricular examples.


Focus on Social development of pupils. Examples in schools, how do we develop social skills. Why should we develop social skills? Mental health implications,  Examples in the Curriculum and cross curricular.


Focus on Spiritual development of pupils.Examples in schools. Benefits to the individual and society of spiritual development. Examples in Curriculum Examples cross curricular.


Your policy – how to write, what to include, your evidence of Intent, Implementation, and Impact. Making it meaningful. Your philosophy, next steps.

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No CPD budget to go on an external training course?


Time poor but need the knowledge to create outstanding provision?


Ready to upskill in this mandatory inspection area?


Want to collaborate with others who are in a similar position?

Everyone who signs up to this £147 will receive, a PDF of  action steps that need to be in place before inspection.

£147 from your CPD or training budget

Contact me on hlmcdonnell@outlook.com  to lock in this £147 price .

With over 21 years teaching experience including leading and managing in curriculum areas, I understand the pressures of a teaching life.  I am here to support you with the right information that you can digest at your own pace, something to refer to later.

“Outstanding SMSC leader Programme”  equips you with the knowledge and skills for this mandatory inspection area.

About Your SMSC Instructor


Hayley McDonnell is an PD/SMSC consultant helping schools across the UK implement their PD/SMSC framework in response to the latest Ofsted framework implemented in September 2019.  The Independent Schools Inspectors also take a keen interest in SMSC.


Author of the forthcoming book “ The Outstanding World of SMSC” and with over 20 years’ experience in teaching, leading and managing in schools throughout the North West of England,  Hayley helps schools and those with an SMSC responsibility to understand why SMSC is important beyond the criteria for inspection and how to implement an SMSC framework that is both meaningful and has an outstanding impact for the individual, school community and wider community.

Hayley is also providing free SMSC resources for teachers with children returning to school in Rec Yr1 Yr6.  Each resource pack contains suggestions, discussion prompts and are inclusive at their heart.

SMSC provides a direct link supporting the mental health and well-being of all children.  It is inclusive, promotes tolerance respect and equally promotes a sense of purpose and acceptance of the self.  There is no expectation for high levels of literacy and numercacy for it it be meaningfully and purposefully completed.  It doesn’t judge, can’t be appraised in an assessment sense, all contributions are valid and move the learner closer to developing their whole self.

SMSC helps to develop empathy, deepen spirituality, connect people with communities and develop their core values.  It creates opportunities for pupils to learn and practice human virtues and values such as compassion, hope, faith and forgiveness.

On returning to school in whichever guise, if SMSC is at the forefront of the provision you will know that the schools’ contribution to our childrens’ mental health and well-being has been and will remain a priority.

What is important to you? Send me a message hlmcdonnell@outlook.com

Everyone will have

Somewhere to come and ask for advice, ask questions (there are no stupid questions) via e-mail or private group.

Somewhere you can have a little moan without sounding unprofessional!

The 6-week online programme will provide everything you need to be an

“Outstanding SMSC leader ” 


You will also receive a workbook to download and complete which supplements each module and develops your knowledge and understanding of the tenants of SMSC