The new academic year is most certainly underway. For some of us, there are thoughts of the October half term to look forward to.  It has been a topsy-turvy year for all those teaching and working in schools and not least the children and students who have been at the very heart of all the decisions made about their education.  Some of those decisions have been imposed on us beyond choice and we have managed to include these rules and ideals into our teaching life.

We all know that headteachers, SLT, teachers, governors, and families all share one thing in common; making sure that the provision we offer to the students is of relevant content for examinations, pastoral care, and beyond the classroom and school gates.

I am sure I share the wish that home-schooling is behind us and that with hybrid-learning still part of our reality for the time being at least, it is time to move forward, make plans that can come to fruition and deliver a curriculum that is worthy of our time and effort and that students can benefit from.

I know that ‘school-life’ is returning to normal as the increase in enquiries about SMSC courses I offer are increasing, there has been a flux of interest in the Facebook group and sales of my book have been steady too.  Ofsted and ISI inspectors still have a great interest in SMSC provision that is offered and are still ready to make a judgement based on their inspection. As ever I believe that if we as education practitioners put SMSC at the heart of all that we do because we understand and know the benefits it will provide for students, staff, school ethos, local community, and even beyond, this will drive us first rather than the prospect of accolade from Ofsted.  I can see a developing interest in SMSC more so than ever before as we take strides to live a life with Covid-19 part of our everyday life.   SMSC when incorporated into all aspects of school life supports the appreciation of a world still yet wholly understood, and one that needs continual investigation whilst maintaining a sense of personal identity.

There will be two newsletter versions available. A free version with content for the month, a reflection question, suggestions about how to incorporate the theme both in and outside the classroom environment.

The paid for version will contain the same content AND more SMSC questions on each theme, AND more examples of integrating the theme into the taught curriculum and extracurricular provision.   There will be guest blog opportunities too and I am considering suitable promotion opportunities too.

Our book ‘The Outstanding World of SMSC’ in British Education’ is now available on Amazon. Click here to purchase

I want to stress that this book is for you, it’s not really mine. I have written it to support you as a teacher, leader, and someone with a vested interest in providing outstanding SMSC in your setting. ‘The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education’ is your ultimate guide to give you the current context of Ofsted, the relationship between SMSC and Religious Studies, understanding of each tenat of Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural development, SMSC within the curriculum, and the over-arching benefits of SMSC. This is the only book you will find and need to ensure you have a complete understanding of this mandatory inspection area and have the confidence to create and develop opportunities for SMSC provision for all.

For new and existing readers development of your own SMSC understanding can be gained in these ways.  news this year including….

  • CPD SMSC Courses created and ready for teachers and leaders to access to help support them with their own SMSC journey in school. Bundle packages are available too.
  • Downloads available as a flavour for course content available and resources to support your SMSC provision.
  • SMSC Newsletter subscribers grown to nearly 400 with a click open rate of 35% which means the content I am providing is valuable to readers.
  • Facebook group growing and currently has over 550 members.
  • Free training in the group with an SMSC focus.
  • Blog posts published on-line on various sites
  • Guest editor for on-line magazine with a global audience with a monthly SMSC focus.
  • Guest on podcasts…

Membership platform in the early stages of development.

With a  warm welcome to new readers if you would like copies of the previous 12 months SMSC Newsletter they are available for £10 for all 12 copies. Please send me a message if you would like to purchase.