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Hello, my name is Hayley McDonnell and I work with schools, leaders, teachers who want to know and learn more about SMSC and Personal Development in their schools.

I have written and am currently editing my book all about leading and managing SMSC in schools so that the provision is outstanding first and foremost for students, staff, and school ethos but secondly for Ofsted inspectors. It will be available on Amazon later this year.

We all know that we teachers work for the children and not for Ofsted and sometimes it can be tricky to separate the two, in my book I identify what schools need to know, suggestions of how to achieve  for Ofsteds point of view including Intent, Implementation and Impact and it I refer to themes such as Prejudice and Discrimination, Art and Culture as well as a comprehensive overview of each strand of SMSC.

Additionally, I have created an on-line course for teachers and leaders to do in their own time at home which will provide a comprehensive overview of how you can create or sustain meaningful SMSC provision in your setting that works for you.  I cover everything I have detailed above and has been created to give you everything you need to fulfil this important role you have. Other courses are being developed too.

My e-book is ready “The Outstanding World of SMSC” and don’t forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter full of free content and ideas to help you in your SMSC journey.

If you are interested in finding out more, developing your understanding of how SMSC can fit into your school to help students, staff and school ethos please use this link and you will receive some information and will be able to subscribe to my newsletter.

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Hayley McDonnell