New website coming soon !


Changes are good and this website and focus will be changing.


With new features to work in harmony with  blog posts with added features focusing on organisation, time management and creating your own 'home-space' to bring clarity to your space and feed your soul.


A new book to be launched this year with content to support you living and enjoying the seasons of the year with recipes, planting and sowing guides, ideas to get you talking about the fabulous festivals and events which take place every month. Perfect for those who want to know what is happening next and be prepared. 


More than a guide, the book will have tried and tested recipes for the month, how to style your home, fruit and vegetables to sow and what is in season.


It's a book for every month of the year. 


As author of 

"The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education"  is also available if you are a 

headteacher, teachers, student-teacher who is interested in SMSC in education.  The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education