Thank you for stopping by. Here you will find a calm and serene place, a place to inspire you to transform your home and life so you can achieve the ideal lifestyle you deserve.

My name is Hayley and for over 23 years I have been working in education and juggling a full-time career with motherhood and family responsibilities.  Most recently I have been consulting headteachers, teachers and others to support them with SMSC provision in schools.   Time and time again these busy professionals knew that the benefits of SMSC in their schools was invaluable to their students and realised quickly that they wanted to incorporate this personal development into their homes.

So why couldn’t they just do it?  For many of these busy stressed time poor parents their home and lifestyle were too chaotic to add in something else.

With my support I took these individuals and subsequent families on a journey to organise their homes, create calm and workable systems for their family life and find the time and space for personal development for everyone.

I am a master problem-solver, and consistently work and adapt systems in my own family personal and career life to ensure we all experience a life that enriches and enhances.

I can do this for you too.

I will be sharing blog posts with a renewed focus on creating a ‘home-space’ that is feeds your soul. Organisation and time-management and clarity alongside content to divulge will be regularly available here for everyone.  As always the SMSC thread will be skilfully woven inside for all allowing for personal development at your own pace. 

1-1 consultancy will continue to be available and extends to professional working parents who share that innate desire to connect with others with consideration for creating a lifestyle that is pleasing and productive. 

Time-management, sustainability for the family and organisation at home is possible for us all. 

Furthermore the launch of my second book as a monthly addition to support all those interested in sustainability, recipies, growing and sowing fruit and vegetables and ideas on how to connect with each other month by month. 

My first book is available to purchase on Amazon/Kindle.

The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education – abridged version

SMSC is useful for us all, child, teacher, parent, citizen as it helps to develop empathy, deepen spirituality, connect people with communities and develop core values. Within a school setting it creates opportunities for pupils to learn and practise human virtues and values such as compassion, hope, faith, and forgiveness. These are all traits needed today more than ever as we are united by a global pandemic.
This abridged book is for you, it’s not really mine. I have written it to support you as a teacher, leader, and someone with a vested interest in providing outstanding SMSC in your setting. This abridged version of ‘The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education’ is your first step and guide to give you the current context of Ofsted, SMSC within the curriculum and the over-arching benefits of SMSC..

Community ~ Love ~ Collaboration


 Which means if we work together, we will move towards harmony between people and build stronger communities for ourseleves our homes and our families. 


                                                                                   Be part of it.




Collaboration ~ Love ~ Community

My SMSC work is at the core of this.  Working towards creating better SMSC provision in schools and that is still very much part of what I am continuing to do.   This is what my ebook, courses, and my flagship course is centred on. 

 It is the right time to develop SMSC within family life.  Learning does not stop at the classroom door, and young people who are the future of our nation and world deserve to have their learning continued and developed. 

 There isn’t a simple solution and with the new focus on on creating a ‘home-space’ that feeds your soul working in harmony with organisation and time-management  I aim to bring clarity to you alongside regular and relevant content to divulge  As always the SMSC thread will be skilfully woven inside for all.  I want to bridge that gap that school may have missed out and continue the important learning process for young people.

 If you are thinking about your own work-place, you will know that organisaton, time management and clarity in your work space is vital.  Whilst living in this ‘global village’  you want to  know about people in other cultures, races, religions, and every other demographic in between.    The physical time and space you will gain  will bring you closer to your goal of developing a culture of SMSC with absolute benefits for everyone from a macro and micro persepective.  

… you are making amazing progress and have such an important impact to make.  SMSC provision is going to be recognised as more important than ever. 

Nicola Huelin

CEO, Mpower Community for Mums in Business

INSTAGRAM @h_mcdonnell_smsc_consultant

My SMSC Newsletter has been created and sent to over 350 subscribers since June 2020, and has been well very received and back copies from June 2020 until July 2021 are available for £12 for all copies.  The content will be relevant, thought provoking and valuable to you as a practioner or leade in education. 

Moving foward there will be two versions available -a free version and a paid for version both available on subscription.  

 If you would like to write a blog for the newsletter please get in touch.  Here are some ideas for content that you may wish to choose from;


– What has worked well for you and your school.

– Exciting and interesting activities you have tried or want to try.

– Making SMSC part of your Performance Management targets.

– Preparation for Ofsted

– Working with other schools or agencies

– A focus for the month on creating serenity in your home. 

I am passionate about creating meaningful SMSC provision for students and my monthly newsletter is part of the support I give.  I welcome feedback on what you would like to see in future issues too.