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Hi, I am Hayley,

I live in Cheshire in the North West of England with my husband and two daughters aged 9 and 8.  In my free time I enjoy being outside, reading and writing and honestly I love working on my business and my goals.

I describe myself as a PD/SMSC consultant intent on bridging the gap between countries, cultures, customs and ultimately people with what I  pen as “Global Collaboration”.  The aim is to make our world feel smaller by connecting with our similarities and embracing our differences.  Part of this journey is found with travelling, meeting people from different backgrounds, countries and cultures, networking with people from different countries and cultures, even learning a Modern Foreign Language to aid communication and keeping abreast of world issues. 

My work with SMSC will help families feel more connected, develop understanding about themselves and support each other in living in our “global village”.

From a corporate perspective, understanding our colleagues near and far, customers and competitors to build meaningful business relationships will flourish with an invigorated SMSC approach. 

Furthermore, I am helping schools across the UK implement their PD/SMSC framework in response to the latest Ofsted framework implemented in September 2019.  The Independent Schools Inspectors also take a keen interest in SMSC.  SMSC has its most impact when integrated into all curriculum subjects and co-curricular areas too fulfilling the aim that SMSC is for everyone.

My book is now available to purchase on Amazon/Kindle.

The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education – abridged version

SMSC is useful for us all, child, teacher, parent, citizen as it helps to develop empathy, deepen spirituality, connect people with communities and develop core values. Within a school setting it creates opportunities for pupils to learn and practise human virtues and values such as compassion, hope, faith, and forgiveness. These are all traits needed today more than ever as we are united by a global pandemic.
This abridged book is for you, it’s not really mine. I have written it to support you as a teacher, leader, and someone with a vested interest in providing outstanding SMSC in your setting. This abridged version of ‘The Outstanding World of SMSC in British Education’ is your first step and guide to give you the current context of Ofsted, SMSC within the curriculum and the over-arching benefits of SMSC..

Community ~ Love ~ Collaboration




which means if we work together, we will move towards harmony between people and build stronger communities.


                                                                                   Be part of it.




Collaboration ~ Love ~ Community

My SMSC work is at the core of this.  Working towards creating better SMSC provision in schools and that is still very much part of what I am continuing to do.   This is what my ebook, courses, and my flagship course is centred on. 

 As part of my long-term goals I want to bring SMSC out of schools and into family life.  Learning does not stop at the classroom door, and young people who are the future of our nation and world deserve to have their learning continued and developed.  I am also super conscious of dare I say “ignorance” that exists in our society about others who are different to us and the negative connotations that come from that.  Simply how we respond to people who believe something different to us at times is shocking, people’s behaviour and how they express themselves is at times scary.  There isn’t a simple solution but I have some very specific ideas about what I want to try and incorporate into family life so people are used to discussing topics ideas and beliefs with each other in a quest to learn more, gain tolerance knowledge and understanding.  I want to bridge that gap that school may have missed out and continue the important learning process for young people.

 Moving on I have plans to incorporate SMSC into a corporate sphere.  We live in a “global village”, and we need to know about people in other cultures, races, religions, and every other demographic in between.   I have an even bigger mission to speak directly to HR or CEO’s of organisations and work with them to develop a culture of SMSC.  I am planning on what this SMSC framework will look like.  There are no negatives only absolute benefits for everyone involved from both a macro and micro perspective.    I want to work with Disney and Google – setting my sights high I know. Don’t just watch this space get in touch and continue your own SMSC journey with my support.

… you are making amazing progress and have such an important impact to make.  SMSC provision is going to be recognised as more important than ever. 

Nicola Huelin

CEO, Mpower Community for Mums in Business

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